Caitlin, instructor | The Yoga Garage Perth

Hi, My name is Caitlin and my passion is giving space to others to allow them to connect deeply to their soul and to the present moment for a more fulfilling and healthy life adventure.
Meditation is the ability to transcend thought and be one with the moment. When learning to meditate we become aware of the thoughts that we have and slowly let them go. As you think during your practice do not reprimand yourself simply come back to your breath, observe the thoughts and allow them to pass like clouds in the sky. It is like when the clouds pass overhead coming back to the expansive blue sky. Sometimes we have many thoughts and sometimes we are relaxed, clear and focused. Just like the sky some times its stormy and dark and sometimes the sky is bright blue with the sun shining, the practise is accepting what is and relaxing into that space with out avoiding it or fighting it. In this headspace we can accept what is happening, become grateful and start to create a deep love for life.
Have a fantastic day and I look forward to meeting you x