Lauren | Instructor, The Yoga Garage Perth

Lauren is a passionate mover and groover that draws from a lifetime of dance, movement, stretching and over 14 years of dance teaching. With so much yang in her life she was always on the go until she found Yin Yoga in 2014. Lauren pursued this new found passion of Yin, studied with Internationally recognised Teacher Trainer Jo Phee, and hasn’t looked back. Diving into teaching in 2016 she bases her classes on a Traditional Chinese Medicine and Eastern Philosophy framework. Her firm belief is that when you practice and immerse yourself into the YIN principles on the mat, they translate into your everyday life and you can feel the stillness and calm come over you as life throws its challenges at you. Lauren also holds a degree in Sports Science, Nutrition, Graduate Diploma in Dance Education and is a Level 1 CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach. She loves all things gut health, chemical free and gluten free!!