Stuart Wright, Director | The Yoga Garage Perth

Director and founder of Bikram Yoga Scarborough Beach, now The Yoga Garage Scarborough Beach.

Bikram Yoga came into my life whilst living in London.  I was instantly attracted to the physical and mental benefits the yoga sequence offers. As tough as the first class was I had never felt so fantastic. Enjoying all the challenges each and every class presented I quickly noticed changes to my body and I was calmer and more relaxed. I was hooked!

Deciding to make the transition from the corporate world to Bikram Yoga Teacher I embarked on the Fall training in Acapulco Mexico in 2008. Not knowing what to expect other then 9 weeks of torture I let go of any resistance and went along for the Bikram teacher training journey and loved every minute of the life-changing experience.

Never being one to sit still and having a thirst and desire to grow I ventured to the US to live and train with Sumit Banerjee in 2009. I completed the Sumit's Yoga training in that time and have always kept in close contact with Sumit.  In 2012 I graduated in YIn Yoga training and early in 2015 I returned to London to learn from Matt Miller his amazing Broga/Iron Yoga sequences. The journey I am sure will continue!

Encouraging people to have an awareness of their body, mind and the process of practising yoga makes teaching Yoga a very rewarding experience. It is a privilege to support students and inspiring to see peoples lives and bodies change through regular and consistent practice.