Yoga has been a part of my life since I was young, I started out doing some Ashtanga classes with my mother and auntie when I was 15 years old. While going through year 11 and 12 me and my fellow students were offered discount classes by our school as a form of stress relief while going through our exams. It turns out the otherwise very prim and proper vice principle of our school was quite the Yoga master! He taught more traditional Iyengar with straps and bolsters and I did my first headstand there. The classes were the perfect compliment hours of study and the stress of exams.

I first practiced Bikram Yoga in 200 not long after the studio first opened in Scarborough, right down the road from my house. I definitely made the most of my intro pass! I found the heat quite challenging at first but it wasn’t long till I was hooked. I came to the studio regularly for quite some time. While studying architecture I was hunched over a drawing desk or a computer a lot of the time which wasn’t ideal for my neck and shoulders. Bikram Yoga made a huge difference to my mood and posture and the more consistent I was, the better things were.

I fell out of the habit of coming to Bikram Yoga for a while due to hectic study and travel, but I continued my own practice at home and abroad with friends and family often. Now, after a short hiatus I am back into the Bikram Yoga community! It hasn’t taken long to notice the change in my mood, health, fitness and well-being. I don’t know what I’d do without yoga, it’s such a great stress reliever and makes a difference to all different parts of your life. Yoga has exposed me to new ways of living, from caring for my body more by eating better, to learning about meditation and mindfulness. It’s great to see students coming in everyday and experiencing the positive effects Yoga has on all areas of life. I love working in the studio: the yoga community is full of passionate, amazing and loving people!