My bestie Sophie Miller who is going to Teacher Training in Fall 2014 walked me into the hot room for the first time. I used to tell her yoga is for more flexible bodies, quiet, calm, slow paced people. I might not like it because I’m very loud, fast paced, always on my toes, and not bendy. Wow! I was so emotional, felt re-vitalised, re-energised and reborn. I never felt like this when I ran around the park for fitness or spent hours in the gym. I immediately brought my husband Veera along, who loves it too.
I completed a 60 Days Challenge. I saw my body changing, found my inner peace which involves awareness, and trying to accept things as they are. I used to have my “Mind Full”, but now slowly moving on to experience mindfulness and so many other magical feelings in my daily life are amazing.
One morning at a 5.45am practise, I could see and hear the words everywhere. “Quit the job that makes you unhappy. Let the TRUE you bloom, let the FAKE you, go out the window”. I quit my full time job in the childcare industry. I also quit drinking alcohol.
I became a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor in Los Angeles Teacher Training Spring 2014. It’s an extremely tough, challenging and adventurous training. Eventually I would love to go back as a staff member.
I am very grateful for being able to teach while fulfilling my karma yoga practise and enjoy the beauty of doing what I love every single day. I believe that the healing power of the Bikram Yoga 90 minute prescription every day will keep the doctor away. NAMAST