I began practicing yoga 4 years ago after needing something a bit different to my usual running routine.

I went to a Bikram Yoga class at the studio not really knowing what to expect other than the fact I knew it was going to be hot, went to one class and then never looked back. When the studio introduced Sumits Yoga, I went along to the first class  which was a challenge, but it was a class I had to keep coming back to. Each time I went into the hot room my body became stronger and I was noticing I could do more.  Also along with the fact that there is music involved it was hard for me not to become addicted.

I completed the Sumits Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 at The Yoga Garage and learnt so  much not only about yoga, but about myself and it was an amazing experience. One main point I learnt is that yoga is a forever changing experience and that we do not need to be harsh on ourselves physically or mentally in the yoga room. It is important to just let it happen, our bodies are very clever and will become stronger and flexible with time.  It is a  great feeling to be able to guide people through their practice and to see the smiles on their faces when they leave class.