Meditation classes

In our guided meditation class, we help take your mind to a quiet place where you can forget about your daily stresses and routine activities. In this time, we also introduce you to the concepts of mindfulness to help you become aware of your thoughts and activities. We help you learn the skills to process these thoughts, so you can shed any unnecessary stress and return to a state of balance.

Our mindfulness meditation class is ideal for those with:

  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • living a stressful life
  • or just those wishing to control an overactive mind.

You can apply the skills you learn to everyday life, and easily integrate these techniques into any busy schedule.
Keeping a balanced mind can be as simple as meditating for just one minute several times per day.

Yin Nidra candlelit class

Our Yin Nidra class is a beautiful balance of guided relaxation or meditation and Yin Yoga, which encourages the body to surrender. Yin Yoga encourages a deep stretch of the fascia or connective tissue which then enables the muscles to release, soft tissue injuries to heal, the mind to quieten and explore deep physical changes.

Dress comfortably.  You may choose to bring a small head pillow, eye pillow and/or a blanket. 

The room is kept at a comfortable temperature, but not heated as it is in Bikram Yoga class. All you need to do is relax, let go, be open and enjoy the experience.

Get a calmer, more balanced state of mind

Payment & bookings available online