Iron Yoga®

A strong, intense and physically challenging workout
— Broga UK

Iron Yoga was developed by former American football star Matt Miller. Known as Broga in the UK, it has been rebranded as Iron Yoga in Australia. (Same thing, different name)

Also a super heavyweight bodybuilding champ, Matt loved his yoga and knew how extremely important it was for his fitness regime.
But Matt had a small problem with his experiences with yoga. It seemed too soft, “too dance-y or flow-y”. And he wasn’t keen on a lot of chanting and relaxation. Fuelled by his love for yoga – and his partial dissatisfaction, he set out to design a yoga routine with the male sensibility in mind.

Think Yoga for Bros.

 Yoga is not just for girls

Don’t think that Iron Yoga for Bros is sexist; women can do it too. Iron Yoga was designed with men like Matt in mind, but it’s not gender exclusive. Instead, the message is that yoga is not just for girls.

Matt wants to push this message to as many male athletes as possible so they can practice yoga to reap the benefits and be the best they can be.

Iron Yoga helps to increase flexibility and teach muscle groups to work synergistically, reducing the likelihood of injury - and consequently - builds better athletes.

And, as Matt will tell you, although he designed his signature yoga practice with blokes in mind, it’s a killer workout for women.

Iron Yoga: here’s what’s involved:

  • Iron Yoga is a hard workout that challenges you
  • You start with a 15-min warm-up
  • The syllabus evolves around a specific body part, e.g., shoulders and chest.
  • You work out intensely – expect to feel sore the next day
  • Towards the end of the class, you will ‘deconstruct’ the area you are working on by performing stretches to increase flexibility.
  • Expect to sweat a lot and drink a lot of water.
I never thought of doing yoga – running and being in the gym has always been ‘my thing’. Yoga always seemed too slow as the date for me. Well, how wrong I was!
— Sam