The seasons are changing and as we are now slowly coming out of what has been a long, wet and cold winter it’s time to come out of hibernation and get your yoga groove back on.

To help you out of your winter blues we’re running a Spring Challenge to help get you motivated, focused and back into your fitness regime. 

The Challenge will be to practice yoga consistently for 30 days straight.  Now you get to decide how often that is.  It may be just once a week, you might want to push yourself and commit to four classes a week and for those serious yogis you may even want to extend yourselves to 30 continuous days of practice.

You don’t need to choose your class either, it may be Sumits, Bikram, Iron or Yin… Completely your choice.

Booking Information

Use your current Yoga membership or you can invest in a Spring Challenge Pass for only $150 for the month unlimited.

Simply put your name down on the chalk board at the studio, decide for yourself what you want to achieve and have a blast getting the body and mind back into shape!


As an added incentive we’ve teamed up with the wonderful people from the Juicist and we’re offering you the opportunity to start and finish your challenge with a 3 day yogi juice cleanse.  You can begin the first three days of the challenge and finish the last three days on a cleanse and you’ll see just how light and refreshed you’ll feel from doing this amazing thing for your body! 

Order your juices online and use promo code 'theyogagarage' for 10% discount at checkout.