At The Yoga Garage we embrace change, for where there is change there is growth. We are really excited to announce two new classes to the schedule and some new time slots too, essentially bringing everyone more opportunities to practice yoga. We hope everyone can embrace the changes at the studio and continue to roll out their mats increasing flexibility, building strength and enhancing your well-being. 

New Classes

Bikram 60 minute class

 Highlighting the therapeutic benefits of the Bikram sequence but in just 60 minutes. The class still maintains the sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises and ends with stillness in a comfortable seated position. All levels. 

Sumits CORE 60 minutes class

This class strengthens, balances and detoxifies your entire body and mind as you move through challenging vinyasa asanas. Practiced in the heat and set to energising music, you’ll power up your yoga practice like never before and create a stronger core too.

Feedback Welcome

Like with everything we do at the Garage we appreciate and welcome feedback. If you have something to share please complete the contact form below. 

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