Ingrid | Iron Yoga Teacher, The Yoga Garage, Scarborough

I started practising yoga when I was pregnant with my first child, 18 years ago. 

From the first day I was hooked! As well as being an avid gym goer, I found the benefits of yoga helped me with muscle soreness and recovery but it also taught me how to meditate. I practised regularly and tried various styles of yoga but feel in love with hatha yoga. My 1st yoga teacher was a sweet mum of 6  whom had the patience of a saint ( I thought I need to be like that!) so she encouraged me to continue with yoga & mediation pre and post natal which I did with both of my children. I become a personal trainer in 2007 and moved to the Middle East where I worked for the Royal family in Oman. I was fortunate enough to meet some wonderful yogis from all over the world and travel to many yoga retreats in Europe and India. My love for yoga deepened and I began incorporating yoga postures into my clients training programs for stretching, we even ended each session with some mediation, which they loved! 

I moved back to Australia in 2012 and attended my first ‘hot yoga’ session at The Yoga Garage and before long I was practising Bikram 5/6 times a week for 18 months. But as my PT workload increased over the years my yoga practise suffered and I missed all the health, mind and body benefits yoga has. I needed to get back into it ASAP! 

Stu contacted me regarding an Iron Yoga Teacher Training course that Matt Miller (founder of Broga UK) was conducting at the studio and he thought it maybe something I’d be interested in………one chat over coffee and I was signed up for the teacher training and the rest is history! I absolutely LOVE that in 1 hour you can push your body to it’s limits with body weight strength training whilst incorporating stretching. I get so much pleasure in helping people achieve results/personal goals when it comes to their health and fitness, regardless of their age. I love being a part of the yoga community and seeing everyone’s happy smiling faces as they enter the hotbox for another workout challenge.