My name is Brooke Crowe and I am one of the new additions to the Scarborough Yoga family.

Originally from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, I relocated to Perth just over 2 years ago for not only the incredible beaches and lifestyle however also for my job within Human Resources.

I was extremely fortunate to have discovered yoga at a time when I just wasn’t satisfied with my daily fitness regime. As much as I felt yoga was pure torture initially, I quickly developed a strong relationship with it and with regular practice I soon saw some amazing physical and emotional benefits. My body shape changed, I become more aware of my actions/reactions, I was able to manage stress effectively and deal with situations which were previously considered more challenging. Overall I felt more balanced, which in return had a significant influence on my personal and professional growth.

I can now say I have practiced many different styles of yoga over the last 6 years, including Vinyasa, Bikram, Yin and more recently SUMITS. Yoga is a very personal practice, something which takes commitment, consistency, courage, the ability to let go. You can really explore your body in many shapes and forms however you too create this sense of inner fire, of being alive. I find SUMITS yoga the right balance of cardio vascular fitness as well as strength and conditioning, therefore I wanted to share with others this incredible connection I have for the practice which is one of the fundamental reasons and motivation to teach.