Julie Brown

In 1995 I suffered a go-kart accident. My hair got caught in the engine and my cervical spin (C5) got turned on it's side. The impact ripped my head back bending my wind pipe until I couldn't breathe. After that I was unable to turn my head too far to the right and looking up to the sky was near impossible and very painful.

I turned first to swimming as a way of rehabilitating myself until a friend (thanks Jerome) recommended I try this 'yoga in a sauna' as a way of giving my spine back some mobility.  At the time I was living in London and there were only two Bikram studios; both about an hour away on the tube. The one class I tried quickly turned into two and then into ten as I took full advantage of the intro pass. The benefits were immediate and there was no stopping me! I remember the teachers always saying that the postures you don't like are the ones you need and that one day those postures will become your favourite. They were right and backbends ARE now my favourite! I completed the beginners teacher training in May 2003 and the advance sequence in June 2010.

Yoga helps keep my life in balance, physically, emotionally and mentally. I feel that yoga gives me the energy to be the best mum. It helps keep my mind focused so that I can complete my Masters in Clinical Psychology and a PhD at the same time.

I am so fortunate to be able to share the wonderful healing benefits of this yoga with others. I am inspired by watching and hearing the transformations that take place as students travel this journey and am forever grateful to my students for teaching me more than I could possibly ever teach them.